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This blog is so aptly named:  Mrs Math | The Sum of Me.  We ALL are unique, complicated, multi-faceted creatures.  I advocate for Children with Special Needs (specifically Autism Spectrum Disorder), because I see how much my son struggles to keep up in school and with his peers.  I advocate for Survivors of Domestic Violence, because I am one.  I left an abusive marriage of nine years.  Starting over again at 43, I know what it’s like to feel so overwhelmed that you’re just numb.  I believe Self Care, Support, Education and Information will lead you to Freedom and Financial Success. 


It started right after we got married.  He promised it would never happen again.  I believed him.  At first he was apologetic, but then it was just excuses.  He would blame me, and I believed that too.  Nine years later, I was sitting in the office of a Domestic Violence Advocate.  She gave me the book “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”.  Read my post about it to understand why it was so life changing.  

Rock bottom became the solid foundation
on which I rebuilt my life.     J. K. Rowling

My youngest child has speech and language disorders, as well as an Autism diagnosis.  He barely talked, like not even “no” or “mom”, until he was almost four.  I’ve spent the past six years shuttling him around to therapies; two to four different kinds of therapies for up to 15 hours a week.  He hasn’t had the skills necessary, nor the time, to always do traditional childhood activities like T-ball.  But the sacrifices are more than worth it to get him the interventions he needs.



I start back to school next week.  I never thought I’d be a teacher.  It is incredibly challenging, but also rewarding.  Kinda like being a mom.



God has blessed me with three beautiful children.  The joy and responsibility and love are difficult to describe.  



My dream is to be a stay-at-home mom again.  And that requires sacrificing every day to improve my blogs. 


Work while they sleep
Learn while they party
Live like they dream

Embrace who you are and your journey.  We are all uniquely and wonderfully made.

Mrs Math